Improving Local Public Health Units

Local Public Health Units across North Dakota have worked collaboratively together for many years. In August 2010, this relationship was formalized through a Joint Powers Agreement to form the ND SACCHO, a state association for ND Local Public Health Units. SACCHOs have been formed in many states across the nation to streamline communication between state and local public health agencies, and to stay apprised of national public health initiatives such as continuous quality improvement and public health accreditation.

The purpose of ND SACCHO is to improve coordination of local public health department efforts across the state, enhance consistent messaging and education, improve training and advocacy and share best practices.

ND SACCHO is governed by a ten member Executive Committee with representatives from local public health units, the State Health Department and the North Dakota Association of Counties. There are many challenges that local public health units face today and the overall goal of the association is to provide a collegial environment with the tools and resources necessary to enhance the provision of quality public health programs and the Ten Essential Public Health Services.



Keys to Your Communities Health

~This is What We Strive To Do ~

1. Monitor - Gather information to identify public health problems

2. Investigate - Diagnose and investigate problems and hazards as they occur

3. Inform - Provide information on public health issues

4. Mobilize - Connect community partners to identify and solve health problems

5. Plan - Plans and public health policies that support healthy communities

6. Enforce - Public Health laws and regulations that keep us safe

7. Link - Link people who need health care with ways to get it

8. Assure - Well trained workers in modern health departments

9. Evaluate - Public health programs that are effective and efficient

10. Research - Encourage innovation and use of evidence-based practices

(National Essential Public Health Services)

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For more information contact:
Danielle Romanyshyn
ND SACCHO Director
Southwest District Health Unit